9th August 2020 – French

I did quite a lot today. I did a unit from my level 4 textbook. That took a hour. The unit was about pronouns. I could answer most of the practice questions, but I had to stop and think about a few, which means I still haven’t sorted direct and indirect pronouns out in my head. I then did an hour of Duolingo. Making up for no study yesterday!

New book

I was aiming to study for level 3 of the French test administered in Japan, but I have realised the content is above my level. I need to step back and learn some basics, so I bought a textbook for level 4. (I also bought the textbook for level 3 in the same series.) I’m going to try and do a few units a week.

Studying never ends for a translator

I used to think that once I became a translator, that would be it. I would be a fluent reader, writer and speaker of Japanese, and I wouldn’t need to study anymore. I was wrong.

I’ve been a translator for 16 years, but I’m still studying. I study for exams in my specialist fields. The exams are all in Japanese. I specialise in cosmetics, skincare, marketing and tourism, but at the moment, I’m focusing my study on cosmetics and skincare.

I’m using these books for the Cosmetics Meister and Skincare Meister exams. I hope to pass these exams this month.

Then in November, I have another cosmetics exam. I’m going to take level 2. I should have taken it earlier in the year, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19. I’m using these books.

Shortly after that exam, I’m going to take the Cosmetics Ingredients exam. I’m aiming to take level 2, and am using these books.

Next year, I’m going to take a beauty-related pharmaceuticals exam. These are the books I will use.

And, as if that is not enough, I’m going to take level 3 on a pharmaceuticals exam! I’ll use these books to study.

I’ll take the higher level exams the following year. And somehow, I’ll fit the French and Chinese tests in!