21st April 2020 – Japanese

I finished reading Chocho Senkyo, so now I have read the whole series about the crazy psychiatrist and his nurse by Okuda Hideo. I enjoyed the series – it made a change from the dark 1960s murder mysteries I usually read. I do my Japanese reading before I go to bed, but for a while I might read some English books. Reading in English, my target language, is also important for translation.

Total reading time: 30 minutes

13th April 2020 – Japanese

The cosmetics license exam and skincare exam have been cancelled, so I started reading a novel instead of going back over my textbook. The cosmetics exam will be held in November, so I will start to study for it again later in the year. In the meantime, I’m going to read for relaxation.

I’m reading the third book in a series by Okuda Hideo. The series is about a psychiatrist and his patients. This one is called Cho-cho Sekyo – town mayor election.

Total reading time: 45 minutes