4th May 2021 – French

I didn’t really feel like studying today, so I did no exam work. I listened to Mastering French Vocabulary for 20 minutes and did a tape from the FSI course. I also signed up to Lingopie, a website which offers TV programmes in French with subtitles. I started watching a series and did about 45 minutes. It seems like a good addition to my studies – listening practice, real world language, and I can do it when I’m feeling too tired to study.

28th April 2021 – French

I did some level 3 vocabulary exercises, and 30 minutes of listening and reading using my Barron’s Mastering French Vocabulary book. It contains 13,000 words and has 10 hours of audio. I guess if I do 30 minutes every day, in 20 days I will have encountered 13,000 French words at least once. So, that’s what I’m going to do! I also copied out some future tenses of verbs from memory. I also finished unit 1 of the FSI course.

25th April 2021 – French

I studied interrogative pronouns today. I think I understand it, but would struggle to make my own sentences. More practice required. I copied out some imperfect verb forms as well. I think I’m ready to move onto another tense. I also read about the preposition “de” and did tape 1.4 of the FSI course. The drills are good practice.