21st November Update

My cosmetics exam is next week, so I’ve been focussing on that. I still have had time to read a Matsumoto Seicho novel, and keep my French study going on Duolingo. I had a streak of 80 days, but then got really busy and lost it.

I also decided to take the French a bit slower, and focus each week on a verb tense. I was getting confused with all the tenses – I was trying to memorise too much at once. I’m doing the imperfect tense this week.

I still listen to my HSK vocabulary CDs in the car every day, but that is all I’ve done as far as Chinese is concerned. Once the exam is over next Sunday, I’m going to get back onto my HSK 3 textbooks.

Spanish has been placed on the back burner – I’m not due to study it for another three years anyway, so I’m not too concerned about that. It’s more important for me to get back to doing more French and Chinese as I have exams in them next year!

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