Back to daily study – vana12

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I’ve had a break from regular study. I have needed to focus on my businesses, and studying languages has fallen down my list of priorities.

But I’m back! On Twitter in Japan, there is an initiative called hashtag vana12. This stands for “virtual summer holiday homework”. It is now in its 12th year. People who study languages decide what they are going to study over summer and post a daily update of their progress. I participated last year, and got quite a lot of study done.

I thought that no matter how busy I am, and however much my businesses need me, I can spare an hour a day (or find an hour a day) to do 30 minutes of French Duolingo and 30 minutes of Chinese HSK4 textbook reading.

I’m hoping this will develop into a routine which lasts even after the summer holiday has finished.

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