Change of plan

I started my language journey with an ambitious study plan. COVID-19 has forced me to alter my plans. I have to spend every spare minute I have on my businesses and studying for qualifications in my specialist translation fields, so….that leaves little time for language learning.

I hoped to take exams in French and Chinese this year, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. The ones I hoped to take have been cancelled anyway. So, I now plan to take HSK4 (one step higher than 3!) next April, and 3rd graded on the French exam next June.

The tests in my specialist fields are all in November and December, so I will devote most of my spare time in the rest of the year studying for these. They are all in Japanese, so at least I’ll maintain my Japanese skills.

I’m not giving up on Chinese and French or my 10 languages in 10 years study plan. I will study when I can, and try to make use of any spare moment I have to study languages.

Last night before I went to sleep, I did some extensive reading with my Easy French Reader. It had been a while since I studied French (a few weeks anyway), but I could understand most of what I read.

So, I’m not giving up, I just have a change of priorities!

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