14th May 2020 – French

I did the passive voice today, and what a mess it was. I made tons of mistakes in the exercises. Obviously I hadn’t read the explanations well enough. I was going to do some more grammar, but was fed up, so I just copied five pages from my test vocabulary book and called it a day.

Total study time: 1 hour – Grammar: 45 minutes, vocabulary: 15 minutes

14th May 2020 – Chinese

I focused on HSK level 4 prepositions today. There were quite a few, and some seem to have a similar meaning. I’ll need to go over them again a few times, and do a lot of reading and listening. The more times I run into them, the more they will stick.

I then studied some level 1-4 vocabulary using the audio. Again, I’ll need to go over these a few times. I’m just going through the book at the moment, and then I’ll go through it at a slower pace.

Total study time: 30 minutes – Grammar: 15 minutes, vocabulary: 15 minutes