29th April 2020 – French

I got back into studying today. I did sentences with indirect objects and direct object pronouns. I’m taking it slowly, so I just did the grammar in the affirmative. I will do the negatives tomorrow.

I then copied out five pages from my test vocabulary dictionary.

Total study time: 1 hour – Grammar: 40 minutes, vocabulary: 20 minutes

29th April 2020 – Chinese

I got back to studying today. I reviewed HSK level 3 vocabulary, and then listened to the first CD of the “Read Aloud” Chinese book. I didn’t use the book, I just focused on listening, and getting used to the sounds of Chinese again. Once I’ve finished reviewing the vocabulary, I’m going to start on the level 4 textbooks and vocabulary book.

Total study time: 1 hour 40 minutes – Vocabulary: 30 minutes, listening: 1 hour 10 minutes