10th April 2020 – French

I did a lot of study today. I started with an hour of Duolingo. I’m going to try and make Duolingo a regular part of my day. In the evening, I studied the verb “prendre” and other verbs which are conjugated in the same way. I also studies -ir verbs which are conjugated like -er verbs -re verbs. I then copied out five pages of my test vocabulary dictionary.

Total study time: 2 hours – Duolingo: 1 hour, grammar: 45 minutes, vocabulary: 15 minutes

10th April 2020 – Chinese

I spent an hour studying the words and grammar from my “Read Aloud Chinese” book. I just did the first four units. I have listened to the audio for the units a lot, but this was my first time to go through the vocabulary in detail. I think I’ll study this book for a while. I’ll start each study session by reviewing the previous units so what I’ve learnt should eventually stick.

After studying the vocabulary, I practiced shadowing using the CD

Total study time: 1 hour – Vocabulary, grammar and shadowing: 1 hour