6th April 2020 – French

I did some more sentences using “depuis”. I did “ca fait combien que + verb” and “il y a combien de temps que + verb” and their corresponding answers. I also did “depuis quand”. Now that I have learnt these phrases, I need to use them to make them stick.

I then did units 5,6 and 7 from Easy French Reader. They were quite easy to understand.

Total study time: 45 minutes – Grammar: 30 minutes, listening/reading: 15 minutes

6th April 2020 – Chinese

I did the listening section of one of the 2018 practice tests. I got 35/40. Not bad. I could pick up a lot more than before, so I was quite pleased. After the test, I went over the scripts to see where I had gone wrong. The problem is not so much the words – I know them, but my ability to process them aurally. I just need more listening practice.

Total study time: – Practice test: 1 hour