2nd April 2020 – French

I did some more work on verbs – mainly exercises about verbs which have spelling changes. I’m trying to remember some verbs as I go along. I then copied out 5 pages from my test vocabulary book, and did 5 units of shadowing from my Read Aloud book.

Total study time: 45 minutes – Grammar: 15 minutes, vocabulary: 15 minutes, read aloud: 15 minutes

2nd April 2020 – Chinese

I just did some more units from my Read Aloud textbook. I was going to do some work for the test, but felt like doing some shadowing, so that’s what I did. I really need to work on my listening, and shadowing helps. I must get on with the test study though, and spend a bit more time studying Chinese. My focus seems to have switched to French at the moment.

Total study time: Reading aloud: 30 minutes.