1st April 2020 – French

I went back to basics and started on my French Verb Review and Practice book. I’m taking it slowly – just doing basic present tenses of the verbs. I’m wondering whether or not I should apply for the 3rd grade test or not. I don’t think I’m quite ready. I’m going to buy the test guide book when it comes out in the next few days to see what is required. I think some knowledge of the past and future tenses will be required, and that’s where I got stuck.

Anyway, while studying the verbs, I realised that I really need to learn more vocabulary. So I copied out another five pages of my test vocabulary dictionary, and for listening, I used my “Read Aloud” book. I’m feeling better about studying French now that I’m not rushing ahead of myself.

Total study time: 1 hour – 25 minutes: grammar, 20 minutes: vocabulary, reading aloud/listening: 15 minutes

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