29th March 2020 – French

I did the passe compose with object pronouns and agreement of object pronouns with the past participle. Well, when I say I “did” them, it means I read the explanations and copied the answers to the exercises from the back of the textbook. I’m feeling quite lost. I stopped before the section on passe compose of pronominal verbs and copied out 5 pages of vocab from my test dictionary.

Total study time: 45 minutes – Grammar: 25 minutes, vocabulary: 20 minutes

29th March 2020 – Chinese

I had a Chinese lesson today. We studied the exercises in my conversation book from the unit about expressing pity or regret. Before I went to the lesson I did a bit of preparation time, but should have done more, because I couldn’t answer the questions without looking back at the vocabulary.

Total study time: 45 minutes – Preparation: 15 minutes, lesson: 30 minutes