18th March 2020 – French

I didn’t do much grammar today. I have been spending most of my study time on grammar at the expense of shadowing and listening.

I just did describing people with avoir + definite article + part of the body, and pains with avoir mal a + le/la/l’. There was no explanation as to why aux and maux appear – Elle a mal aux mains, and Je souffre de maux de tete frequents. I’m assuming it is a plural contraction of [a] and [les] but an explanation would have been nice.

I then did a reading comprehension passage from the grammar textbook (I understood the main gist) and did some shadowing using Easy French Reader. I hadn’t done any shadowing for a while, so it made a change.

Total study time: 45 minutes – Grammar: 30 minutes, shadowing: 15 minutes

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