14th March 2020 – French

I found my study a bit difficult today. It was pronominal verbs in infinitive constructions and in negative, interrogative and imperative forms. I took it slowly and got most of the exercises right, but I think I have forgotten it already.

I then copied out five pages from my test vocabulary dictionary. Copying out the example sentences is good reinforcement of what I’ve learnt.

Total study time: 1 hour – Grammar: 45 minutes, vocabulary: 15 minutes

14th March 2020 – Chinese

I did unit 31 from my workbook. The topic was giving your opinion about things, such as films, and saying how someone does something, so using adverbs.

I then did unit 14 and 15 from my HSK textbook with audio. Unit 14 was about the “shi…de” construction, and unit 15 was about directional words and repeated verbs. I understand it, but using it is another matter.

Total study time: 1 hour – Workbook: 30 minutes, textbook: 30 minutes