13th March 2020 – French

I studied reflexive pronouns with pronominal verbs. I got the concept and got most of the exercises right. I am taking it slowly, so I didn’t move on to pronominal verbs in infinitive constructions. That’s for tomorrow. The book presented a list of everyday routines which use the pronominal verbs. It might take a while to learn them.

I then copied out five pages of my test vocabulary dictionary. Some of the words were pronominal verbs, like se coucher, so it was good reinforcement.

I finished with 20 minutes on Duolingo.

Total study time: 1 hour – Grammar: 20 minutes, vocabulary: 20 minutes, Duolingo: 20 minutes

13th March 2020 – Chinese

I’m back to my normal study pace at last. I did unit 30 from my workbook. This was about giving directions. I still don’t think I’d be able to give directions to anyone, or be able to follow them. One of the activities in the book was to describe how to get to school from your home. I couldn’t do it, so I left it out. Must review the vocabulary!

I then did unit 13 from my HSK Level 3 test book. This was about direction complements and word order. I understand it, but need practice. I also did a listening test from the book. I understood a lot more than I usually do so I was quite pleased.

Total study time: 1 hour – Workbook: 30 minutes, textbook: 30 minutes