12th March 2020 – Japanese

I started the practice questions for the cosmetics exam, and ran into problems early on. The questions were about the different terms for the different components of the skin. I hadn’t memorised them, so I found the questions tough. I’m going to keep on with the questions, and then review the textbook. It seems this will be a lot more difficult than the skincare exam.

Total study time: 45 minutes

12th March 2020 – French

I studied with Duolingo again today. Some of what I studied in my textbook cropped up, so it was good practice, especially with the repetition. I did housing and travelling topics. It makes a change from my regular textbook study, but I must get back on to that. If I have time, I’ll combine regular study with Duolingo.

Total study time: 30 minutes – Duolingo: 30 minutes

12th March 2020 – Chinese

I decided to look at the Chinese Duolingo course. I had completed it and finished it a few months ago, but some of the gold circles were starting to crack, so I reviewed a few of the lessons. It made a change from my usual workbook and test study. It was simpler than what I’m used to studying, and while good practice, doesn’t really prepare me for my exam, so I think I’ll go back to regular study tomorrow. I also listened to my vocabulary book in the car.

Total study time: 45 minutes – Duolingo: 30 minutes, listening: 15 minutes