7th March 2020 – French

I was pleased with my progress today. I did a lot. I did affirmatives and negatives, using ne….jamai, ne….pas encore, ne….plus, ne…rien, and ne….personne. I made some mistakes in the exercises and will need to review it again, but it wasn’t so bad.

Next, I did copied out five pages from my test vocabulary dictionary, and then did some shadowing. I did the first six passages from Easy French Reader. The fifth and sixth were new to me, but I was able to shadow fairly well.

Then, I used my new textbook -“Ondoku France-go”. This is a Japanese book. Ondoku means “read aloud”. There are sentences and words in each unit, which you listen to and then repeat. I did lesson one a few times until I could read along with the narrator. The content was everyday life, so it wasn’t so difficult.

Total study time: 1 hour 30 minutes – Grammar: 45 minutes, vocabulary: 15 minutes, shadowing: 30 minutes

7th March 2020 – Chinese

I did a lot today. I did lesson 28 from my workbook. It was a review of “must” and “don’t need to”, and also giving or doing things for people.

Next, I did two units from my HSK level 3 book. Unit 9 was about possibility, using “hui”, “neng” and “keyi”, and also about “must” using “yinggai” and “yao” and “bu yinggai” and “bu yong”. Unit 10 was the different usages of “de” and doubling up of adjectives. I then did a practice listening test. I could understand a lot more than on previous tests, so was quite pleased, even though I got some questions wrong.

Total study time: 1 hour 30 minutes – HSK textbook: 1 hour, workbook: 30 minutes