4th March 2020 – French

I made up for not studying the day before, by trying to cover more material in my textbook. I’ll need to review it again. I think I went too fast. I did possessive pronouns, and demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns. “ce” “cette” and “ces” seem quite straightforward, but I struggled with “celui”, “celle” and “ceux” and “celles”. I couldn’t do the exercises and ended up just copying the answers. I think I need more input before output, and the book doesn’t provide enough for me.

I think the fact that demonstrative pronouns are always used with suffixes or followed by a preposition or relative pronoun clause got me. I don’t have these grammar points clear in my head. Maybe I need to go back a bit, or use my new pronoun and preposition book. I think I’ll keep on going and then go back over what I need to.

I also copied five pages from my test vocabulary dictionary and listened to the listening passages from the first part of Easy French Reader.

Total study time: 1 hour 15 minutes – Grammar: 45 minutes, vocabulary: 15 minutes, listening: 15 minutes

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