New French books

I got two new French books – one is about pronouns and prepositions (I need so much more practice with these), and the other is for conversation. I’m going to start them when I’ve finished my main textbook as I need to know more words and expressions to complete some of the exercises.

These will become my main textbooks once I’m done with the grammar book, and the other books I bought recently (the “reading aloud” book and the numbers book) will become supplementary texts.

I should also make a start on the books for the test in June…so many books, so little time!

2nd March 2020 – French

I had a busy day translating, so I didn’t have much energy to study. I just did possessive adjectives. It was straightforward, but I still got some questions wrong in the exercises. Lack of concentration I think. Next is possessive pronouns. The book I’m using introduces grammar points at quite a fast pace (well, it does say “master grammar fast” on the front), but I think I need more practice and more exercises.

I finished off the study session using Mimi ga Yorokobu, a listening book and CD published in Japan. I hadn’t done any listening for a while so it made a change.

Total study time: 30 minutes – Grammar: 15 minutes, listening: 15 minutes

2nd March 2020 – Chinese

I had such a busy day translating, that I didn’t really have much mental energy left to study. I kind of had to force myself to do it. I did unit 24 from my Chinese workbook. It was about ordering in fast food restaurants. I had forgotten most of the vocabulary, so it was a good review.

I then did some listening from Mimi ga Yorokobu, a listening book published in Japan. I didn’t have the energy to do any shadowing, so I just listened.

Total study time: 45 minutes – Workbook: 30 minutes, listening: 15 minutes