1st March 2020 – French

I did the pronouns “y” and “en”. It was slow going. I’m sure it’s easier than I think it is. I just need more practice. I’m slow doing the exercises, and am getting quite a few wrong. I’ve ordered a book about French pronouns so hopefully that will help. I also did a reading passage about a zoo, and five pages of copying out words from my test vocabulary dictionary. No listening today – must make more time for that, but the grammar is taking me so long…

Total study time: 1 hour 30 minutes – Grammar: 1 hour, vocabulary: 30 minutes

1st March 2020 – Chinese

I did unit 23 in my workbook. This provided a good review of location words, and explaining where things are located, as well as the “doing something while doing something else” sentence.

I had a Chinese lesson in the evening. My teacher and I went over some grammar and conversation exercises from one of the books she brought me from Shanghai. I hadn’t practiced conversation for a while so this was much needed. She said that I don’t sound like I’m from Beijing, but like I’m from central China! At least she didn’t say I sounded like I was from the UK!

Total study time: 1 hour 30 minutes – Workbook: 45 minutes, lesson: 45 minutes