24th February 2020 – French

I kind of hit a wall. I studied relative pronouns – qui, que, ou, dont and lequel. If I take it slowly, I can get it. It’s when I got to relative pronouns with prepositions and indefinite relative pronouns that I had trouble. Ce qui, ce que, ce dont, de quoi….

The explanations in my textbook were a bit brief, so I think I need to look online for more in-depth explanations. I’m going to keep on going and not get hung up on it though. Hopefully, in a few months I’ll look back on this post and wonder why I was struggling with them! After that, I did some shadowing. I’m getting better at this. Practice pays off. I forgot to do my 10 pages of vocabulary for my test, so will do double tomorrow.

Total study time: 2 hours – 1 hour 30 minutes: grammar, 30 minutes shadowing

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