23rd February 2020 – French

More verbs…. I did conduire, suivre, and craindre groups. I also looked over voir, croire, courir, rire, and offrir groups. I’m not remembering very much, but my approach is to become exposed to the elements of the language, and cement them through extensive reading and listening. I also have a French verb review and practice book waiting for me, so I’ll get more practice. Not stressing too much at the moment.

I also did 10 pages of my French test vocabulary book. Not sure how much I’m taking in, but again, I’m just exposing myself to the language, and will get used to it later. I also did a reading passage from Read and Think French. I could understand the general idea thanks to the English translations next to the passage.

Total study time: 1 hour – Grammar 40 minutes, reading: 10 minutes, vocabulary 10 minutes

23rd February 2020 – Chinese

I had a Chinese lesson today. I asked my teacher about the “ba” sentence construction, as no book I have explains it clearly. I kind of get it now. Understanding it is one thing, using it is another. I think it will be a while before I start using it. It’s still a bit hazy.

In the afternoon, I finished my conversation book. Well, I’ve read all the conversations and studied all the vocabulary. I haven’t done the exercises yet though. I’m going to do those with my teacher.

I did two units of reading aloud from my vocabulary book, and listened to the CD in my car. I hope to do more listening tomorrow.

Total study time: 1 hour 15 minutes- Conversation book: 40 minutes, listening: 15 minutes, reading aloud: 10 minutes, listening: 10 minutes