14th February 2020 – French

I did some more exercises using the verb “faire”, then learnt some vocabulary about the weather and the environment. I don’t do well learning lists of vocabulary by rote, so I’m going to tell myself what the weather is like every day to try and use the vocab. I also studied a reading passage. I got the general idea, but couldn’t get some of the details.

I’m trying to do some listening every day, so today I did Appearance, and Cosmetics and Grooming from Mastering French Vocabulary. I repeated after the CD to work on my pronunciation.

Total study time: 45 minutes – grammar/reading: 25 minutes, listening: 20 minutes

14th February 2020 – Chinese

I continued to review my notes from Chinese Grammar Wiki, and then did a chapter in my conversation book. The unit was about visiting someone in hospital, and focused on the past tense. I also listening to my vocabulary book in the car for around 15 minutes.

Total study time: 1 hour – listening: 15 minutes, grammar review: 25 minutes, conversation textbook: 20 minutes