11th February 2020 – French

I studied prepositions of location, such as en face de, par, dans, devant, sous, sur, etc. I also studied prepositions of time and sequence, but there was quite a lot to remember, so I need to review this before moving on to the next section. which is interrogatives with prepositions.

I learnt apres + noun, avant de/d’ + infinitve, dans + time period, depuis + point in time or length of time, en + time period, etc.

I didn’t do any listening, so I must do some tonight. I’ll probably move to the next chapter of the vocabulary book. I also have a book called Mimi ga Yorokobu French, which is a book written for Japanese speakers who are learning French. The passages are short and there is a Japanese translation alongside, but it’s still a bit tricky for me.

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